Driving Directions in Text Format



Directions from Rapid City


Take I-90 West to Spearfish Exit 14 (27th St and Hwy 14A) 43.4 mi

Proceed on 14A up Spearfish Canyon to Savoy 14.5 mi

Turn right onto FS 222 at Spearfish Lodge

Proceed past Roughlock Falls and Timon Campground (gravel) 5.8 mi

Turn left on FS 134 (Old Tinton Rd) (gravel) 2.3 mi

Homestead Buildings on Right Total 66.0 mi



Directions from Deadwood


Proceed South on US Hwy 14A and 85 to Lead 4.5 mi

Continue on Hwy 14A and 85 to Cheyenne Crossing 7.5 mi

Continue on Hwy 85 to Intersection with FR 134, Turn right 10.0 mi

Proceed North on FR 134 (Old Tinton Rd), (gravel) 8.0 mi

Homestead buildings on Left Total 30.0 mi

Note: The preferred winter route is using the Old Tinton Rd either from Spearfish or Hwy 85. This route is usually plowed in winter. FR 222 from Savoy is not plowed in the winter.